New Arrivals


Ref.: 7366


Ref.: 8016

Wall sconce Louis XV France Bronze 1920

Louis XV Wall sconce
Ref.: 2968

Table + chairs Gothic Belgium oak 1940

Gothic Table + chairs
Ref.: 7392a

Fireplace item Louis XV France Bronze 1900

Louis XV Fireplace item
Ref.: 2963

Sidetable Louis XV France Wood/Marble 1930

Louis XV Sidetable
Ref.: 2474

Stained glass doors Art Deco Belgium glass 1920

Art Deco Stained glass doors
Ref.: 8049

Chandelier Louis XV France Bronze 1940

Louis XV Chandelier
Ref.: 2966

Plate Delft Holland Pottery 1940

Delft Plate
Ref.: 2851

Coffee table Louis XV Belgium oak 1920

Louis XV Coffee table
Ref.: 2480

Bedroom set Renaissance France Walnut 1900

Renaissance Bedroom set
Ref.: 5355

Chandelier Marie Theresa Belgium glass 1940

Marie Theresa Chandelier
Ref.: 2965

Armoire Country French Belgium oak 1920

Country French Armoire
Ref.: 8036

End irons Empire France Bronze 1890

Empire End irons
Ref.: 2962

Table lamp Rococo Italy metal 1940

Rococo Table lamp
Ref.: 2924

Frame Belgium Wood 1920

Ref.: 2961

Stained glass door Louis XVI Belgium glass 1890

Louis XVI Stained glass door
Ref.: 2930

Vanity Louis XVI France Walnut 1890

Louis XVI Vanity
Ref.: 2934

Coffee table Louis XV Italy Bronze/Onyx 1950

Louis XV Coffee table
Ref.: 2457

Chairs Renaissance Belgium oak 1900

Renaissance Chairs
Ref.: 8015

Grandfather clock Rococo Italy Walnut 1940

Rococo Grandfather clock
Ref.: 7269

Vase  Delft Holland pottery 1940

Delft Vase
Ref.: 2837

Armchair Louis XV Belgium Walnut 1920

Louis XV Armchair
Ref.: 7486

Table  Louis XVI France Wood 1920

Louis XVI Table
Ref.: 2470

Chandelier Lampe Belge Belgium Bronze/Glass 1940

Lampe Belge Chandelier
Ref.: 2899

Fireplace mantle Louis XV France Marble 1890

Louis XV Fireplace mantle
Ref.: 7317

Nest of tables Louis XV Belgium oak 1920

Louis XV Nest of tables
Ref.: 7236

Wall sconces Louis XVI France Bronze 1920

Louis XVI Wall sconces
Ref.: 2946

Stained glass doors  Louis XVI Belgium glass 1920

Louis XVI Stained glass doors
Ref.: 2939

Chandelier Louis XV France Bronze 1940

Louis XV Chandelier
Ref.: 2900